Our Mission

Copper Crescent Botanicals was born out of a desire to bring natural luxurious products to the community. Bringing people as close to nature as possible; our products are made with sustainably harvested fair traded materials. Our beeswax, oils, herbs, clays, salts, and crystals all serve a purpose in the formulation process. We handcraft each product so each one is uniquely made. To keep our impact minimal on mother earth we upcycle our packing & mailing materials & package our products in recyclable eco friendly containers. We strive to be a part of the solution in the mission to save our mother earth. The energy, research, and thoughtfulness poured into each one of our products genuinely reflects our mission to provide a truly natural luxurious experience to you our valued clientele. As we continue to grow we invite you to partake in our journey by following us on Instagram & Facebook. Thank you for your continued support & love.

Meet the Creator & Founder

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Nichole Santigati

Creator & Founder

“My name is Miss Nikki Santigati I am an Arizona native, herbalist, artist, entrepreneur, business owner, and witchy goddess who has been truly blessed to have brought my dream of owning my own company to life. Throughout many years of my time in school studying art, humanities and western herbalism I always knew that I never wanted a normal 9-5 job; and as a person who suffers from eczema who could not find truly healing products. I flipped my clinical herbalism training on it’s head to create Copper Crescent Botanicals. My company specializes in handmade natural herbal products for the body, mind, and soul. The meaning behind our company name is very special Copper for my home state; Crescent for the lunar magic & solar magic used in the production of our products; and Botanicals for the bounty of healing herbs gifted to us from Mother Earth. My hope is to inspire others to follow their path to their happiness. My passion and dream is to create healing herbal products while sharing my knowledge with the community.”
“Your self care is a vital investment for your mind, body, and soul. Caring for yourself is not selfish, it’s essential! So pamper yourself today, because you are worth the investment!” Copper Crescent Botanicals
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