Skincare 101

Skincare 101

What Are Free Radicals and Antioxidants?

Free Radicals are unstable atoms. These unstable atoms are produced by our bodies naturally while also being present in the environment. Due to the unstable nature of free radicals, they work to stabilize themselves by bonding to atoms or other molecules causing oxidative stress which can cause cell and DNA damage. So, how do free

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Skincare 101

All about Facial Oil

Our skin naturally creates oils and lipids that aid in locking in water to keep the skin hydrated. Without the adequate presence of oils water escapes the skin, known as transepidermal water loss which causes the sky to be dry and flaky. Facial oils have a myriad of benefits but primarily acts as an extra

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Skincare 101

What are Facial Toners?

Facial toners prep the skin for serums and moisturizers after cleansing the skin. Toners restore the PH levels of the skin while removing environmental stressors such as pollution, excess dirt, oil, impurities from the skin, and any makeup left on the skin after cleansing. Toners are not a substitute for washing the face rather they

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