Aromatherapy Roll-On: Lavender

Using aromatic plant-based essential oil, this aromatherapy roll-on is crafted to compliment your body’s call for relaxation or revitalization when needed, whether at home or on the go. 



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0.4 fl oz / 10 ml

Lavender is derived from the latin word “to wash” known for its aromatic profile to relax, paired with the antimicrobial herbal profile, this herb is a powerhouse of healing capabilities. Featuring Evening Primrose Oil, this versatile moisturizing and soothing oil is excellent for all skin types. Containing linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid, this oil promotes skin health by preserving water in the epidermis, aiding in the natural production of your skin’s sebum production while reinforcing the skin’s barrier. Evening Primrose Oil is derived from the seed of the plant.

Product Care & Safety:
Apply to pressure points as needed; avoid sensitive areas & eyes. Even with the most delicate, natural products allergic reactions can occur. A patch test is recommended if irritation occurs; discontinue use. Do not expose to prolonged heat. Use within 1 year of purchase. Store in a cool place.

Evening Primrose Oil
Plant-Derived Essential Oils


0.4 fl oz, 10ml

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